Please be aware: This post WILL BE UPDATED as soon as VODs and any other info is made available!

The Mid-Season Invitational is only a few weeks away, but only one team could make its way to Brazil to represent Europe against the best of all League of Legends.

After twelve weeks of LCS action, the current reigning European champions G2 Esports performed to their stature which they have certainly shown while dominating the scene over the past year, faced the much-loved underdogs of Unicorns of Love. Would G2 take another title and continue their reign or would UOL finally put an end to this G2 era?

Game One – UnicornsOf_Love Unicorns of Love 7 – 22 G2 Esports G2_Esports

The first game was stormed by the reigning champions G2 in which early kills from Zven and Expect navigated the path of destruction that concluded in G2 receiving the first win of the finals. Expect dominated the top lane and produced vital assists which helped gravitate the team to the nexus capping off his performance with an 8/0/11 KDA.

First Game

Game Two – G2_Esports G2 Esports 19 – 10 G2 Unicorns of Love UnicornsOf_Love

G2 continued their dominance with G2 Zven playing as Caitlyn being a major factor in the win, early kills and pushing with help from G2 Expect to take the tower at the 12-minute mark helped them steamroll the lane and with Perkz controlling the mid lane against the LeBlanc. G2 controlled the game and it was looking like UOL was facing 3-0 thrashing!

Second Game

Game Three – UnicornsOf_Love Unicorns of Love 17 – 14 G2 Esports G2_Esports

UOL finally managed to turn the tide and win which some strategical group plays fronted by Xerxe that helped them scrape a win in the third game against G2. UOL Xerxe was able to play the whole field using his Gragas to stall Trick in the jungle whilst also pushing all fronts for UOL. UOL Samox definitely took advantage of Xerxes Gragas plays with finishing the game 7/1/7 on Lucian.

Third Game

Game Four – UnicornsOf_Love Unicorns of Love 9 – 22 G2 Esports G2_Esports

The final game saw G2 Esports return to their dominating form which showed as early on G2 Perkz asserted his power with racking up 4 kills just before 17-minute mark. His LeBlanc appeared to be drifting around the rift effortlessly whilst taking the advantage of her burst damage to demoralize UOL. Expect finished his MVP performance for the split with an 8/2/5 on Camille.

Fourth Game


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