Release Date: 3rd November 2017
Platforms: PC, Playstation 4 (Exclusive), Xbox One
Developers: Sledgehammer Games
Publisher: Activision

Back to its Roots

Today was the worldwide reveal of the much anticipated next game in the Call of Duty franchise Call of Duty: World War Two and to many, it’s a welcome return to boots on the ground shooting action we have longed for and a welcome return to World War 2 which is the first time in 10 years that Call of Duty has visited this era in warfare history. The premiere of the game was live streamed today at the beautifully decorated IMAX cinema in London.

London IMAX in WW2 colours

“Ordinary people doing extraordinary things”

The game follows the main protagonist Red Daniels a new recruit for the US Army and his Jewish friend Robert Zussman as they embark their journey building a brotherhood bond with their division through missions fighting the third Reich.

Sledgehammer have invested a huge amount of time and effort in creating a historically authentic and immersive experience that places you in a storyline that gets you emotionally invested in the characters and their environments and using the technology available they have recreated major landmarks that were engulfed in the heat of battle between 1939 and 1945 such as Hurtgen Forest, Fort MacArthur and Vianden which brings another element of realism to the gaming experience.


During the reveal, a few weapons were mentioned that will be featured within the game

  • MG42 – Heavy Machinegun
  • M1903 – Bolt Action Rifle
  • M3 “Grease gun” – Submachine gun
  • SG44 – Selective Fire Rifle
  • M1 Garand – Semi-Automatic Rifle

and from the trailer, it seems like a German soldier is using a Flammenwerfer 35, in basic terms a flamethrower!

Game Modes

Michael and Glen mentioned new modes that will be in WW2

  • War – from the brief description I would compare this game mode similar to Battlefields Conquest. in which two teams battle it out attacking and defending iconic landmarks and battles that featured within WW2. The game will be a strategic element to the run and gun and give a more tactical objective based mode for players to explore
  • Headquarters – This isn’t a standard game mode that would normally be featured in a Call of Duty game, from the very brief sample we got in the reveal the mode seems to be based more on having a social element where players can gather in their virtual avatars and show off their accomplishments and build a community with other gamers
  • Co-op mode – Well just look at the image below… If you dare!
Nazi Zombies are back

and finally the trailer for all of you to enjoy.


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