A small fish in a big pond

Growing up around gaming from playing my first console the SNES to playing with a clan in the Xbox 360 era, I gained a love for the virtual playground and its competitiveness once multiplayer became the major component in games, Watching eSports was once something sneered at but it is now loved by millions of people around the world, it can range from watching a small streamer playing league of legends on twitch to watching the majestic sights of the Call of Duty World League in the USA and coverage for eSports events can be found all over the place.

Call of Duty World League

My mission with this blog is to gain a voice for the UK scene, despite our heritage in many other sports for some reason, it seems like the eSports scene just hasn’t gained as much traction as it has everywhere else around the globe.  For example, when you watch the Korean finals for the LCK league they can fill football stadiums full of people to witness the spectacle of two teams battling it out to become kings of the rift however when it comes to the British side of eSports we can barely fill a cinema to spectate homegrown talent competing against each other to rightly announce themselves the best in the country.

Just the beginning

With the development of this blog, I hope I am able to convince people to embrace UK eSports either from the UK or around the world and spread the news and events that occur around the UK scene and hopefully help in the development of the sport. I want this blog to be a social area for gamers and spectators to interact and to also learn about upcoming events and teams that represent our collection of countries.


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