McLaren Needs You!

Mclaren and Logitech G have teamed up to release a competition for the world’s fastest gamer and you could be up for a chance to win one of the greatest jobs in esports.

McLaren has initialised themselves as being the first Formula 1 team to enter the world of esports and have announced a competition which will test gamers to the maximum providing an intense and demanding competition for virtual racers. it’s a competition if you wish to accept grants the winner with a role at the Formula 1 team as one of its official simulator drivers.

McLarens Worlds Fastest Gamer

The format of the competition pits the best gamers around the world across multiple racing platforms as they battle it out against each other to discover the ultimate champion of champions. The winner will receive a one-year contract with McLaren to work with engineers at the McLaren Technology Centre and at Grand Prix circuits around the world to develop and improve the machinery that is used by soon to be real world counterparts, Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne.

Each stage of the competition will be streamed via a dedicated YouTube channel and McLarens social media channels. Six international finalists will be hand-picked by experts in both the gaming and Formula 1 worlds, a further four finalists will be selected from qualifying events online during the summer of 2017.

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