Can an old dog learn new tricks?

It’s not new news that traditional teams are incorporating their reputation and brand in the Esports world however its becoming an hot trend now with news that Formula 1 giant McLaren are creating a competition to find a gamer to join their team to develop the next machinery to be incorporated into their real life cars and also football teams such as Paris St Germain and FC Schalke purchasing places in the League of Legends and FIFA Esports leagues, but what does this mean for the future of Esports?

The Future

With these massive organisations joining the ranks with current organisations currently in Esports will this cause a rift in the standings due to professional sports teams being able to bring in talent to their rosters due to their brand and money and will this lead to changes needing to be made to current rules to restrict teams from creating a monopoly with their brand, well from the current performance of teams with PSG in the LCS it doesn’t seem like it has made a major impact but will other games suffer.

Not to make this incorporate of teams branding into Esports a negative but could this lead to a takeover which will make it increasingly difficult for new and developing players and organisations to gain traction and flourish or will it make it easier with more people looking to pursue it as a more solid career choice in the future. looking at it on a positive having these teams introduce themselves to the scene will have an impact in terms of gaining an audience as their fans may well watch the games that their teams are in due to pure fandom which will increase viewership and potentially revenue for Esports and will also hopefully help the sport gain a better reputation amongst the masses who feel that Esports is just a fad and shouldn’t be compared to traditional sports.

As of the 3rd May, the NBA have announced that a total of 17 National Basketball Association teams will be participating in its first NBA 2K Esports league, this is a massive step in creating Esports franchises that can appeal to a great audience that loves their current teams and help create a more professional image for the scene, with major corporations giving their backing to the sport and providing a global audience to view the product. This shows that clearly, these franchises see a market that is going to thrive in the future and is clearly viable for them back with their branding.

What do you think about traditional sports teams embracing Esports will it benefit the scene?


Source: NBA


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