UK Masters

EUW league of legends official website today announced the sign-up stage for the UK Masters for the summer of 2017. 4 qualification dates have been advertised to determine which teams will play through the summer for the final bout at the home of the UK’s biggest gaming festival Insomnia 61 which takes place on the 25-28 August.

The masters are hosted by Multiplay who are the organisers of the UK-based gaming festival Insomnia and all affiliated insomnia events. Teams that enter will be competing for a £15,000 prize pool and the opportunity to be featured in the live finals.

Competition Structure

Teams that enter will have to compete in 4 online open qualifiers, in which the top 2 teams from each qualifier will secure their place in the masters league.

Qualification Round Dates

  • 15 May
  • 29 May
  • 5 June
  • 12 June

The league stage will be played out weekly as a 8 team round robin with the top 4 teams advancing to the playoffs with the top 2 teams progressing from the playoffs to Insomnia 61 and battling live on the UK Masters Stage to claim victory.

Competition Rulings

The competition states that in order for you team to be viable to compete in the UK Masters you have to have at least 3/5 of the starting roster to feature players from either the United Kingdom or Ireland, the other 2/5 members of the starting roster can be a representative of anywhere else in the world.


If your team complies with these rules and you want to compete, you can sign up to the open qualifiers here.




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