New stadium to be premium eSports arena

A report in the Daily Mail has stated that Tottenham Hotspurs are looking into capitalising on the increasing popularity of eSports within the United Kingdom with making their new stadium available as an arena for eSports events. The article focuses more on the financial gain that the club could gain with the stadium becoming an arena for non-football events.

Spur’s Cashing In

Spurs already have the prospect of the NFL hosting matches at their future home, so making the stadium a multi-function arena could benefit the clubs finances for their main team’s operations. Spurs have speculated that they could earn up to £2.5million from ticket sales alone per event from 50,000 normal tickets selling at £30. Additional to ticket sales the Spurs could earn between £500,000 – £1,000,000 per event from sponsorship, advertising, merchandise and catering deals and sales.



Tottenham Hotspurs stating their interest in making their stadium an esports arena is great publicity for the sport and definitely could give UK fans a better opportunity to see their favourite eSports teams and competitions come to the UK for events, also this could lead to other teams providing their stadiums as arena’s which would benefit the eSports scene in the UK ten fold. Let’s hope this starts a trend for more teams and companies to join the future of eSports.

What do you think about Spur’s plan and do you think this will benefit the UK scene?



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