First Blood!
Photo provided by LoL Esports Photos

Korea Release the Banhammer!

The South Korean government are going full throttle on tackling game cheats as they have proposed a law that will ban boosting making it an offense with the prospect of two years in jail and a hefty fine of  20 million won which equates to roughly £13,800 quite the sentence for any players caught.

The main focus of the law is illegal hacks, illegal private servers, and professional boosters which are clearly a stance to clean out the eSports scene of cheaters and to additionally regulate professional players from abusing their position for extra money and damaging the reputation of eSports-oriented games with these exploits.

The law has been specifically endorsed by Riot Games and the Korea eSports Association who have both given special interest in stopping boosting which previously came to no prevail with them having no lawful backing behind them in taking down boosting companies or players.

The law has yet to be passed however it’s a great indication that eSports are finally being taken seriously and that South Korea are leading the trend.

GamersVoice View

As much as this law will be criticised by the many that like to fool around in games this is a major boost to the professional eSports scene and will definitely clear out the wrong doers and unskilled players that can plague the higher tiers in competitive play. Having a lawful presence when it comes to taking down companies that endorse cheating is great for the gaming industry and will stop the racketeering operations that these companies run in changing profit for exploits.

This law is here to bring an air of legitimacy to the world of eSports and if enforced properly will help in enforcing an attitude that respects games and hopefully help in the long run when it comes to tournament play as players will have gained their place through raising up the ranks by themselves and by legitimate means instead of paying for their position.



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