Teams dropping like flies

Ninja in Pyjamas has just announced the release of their Overwatch competitive squad, which is another in a growing list of eSports organizations that are dropping their teams associated with the video game in an alarming trend that doesn’t look good for the future developments of Blizzard’s eSports title.

NiP’s expressed their concerns about the Overwatch Leagues developments with this quote:

Today we announce that we will be joining the growing list of organizations placing Overwatch as one of the titles to observe but not to be involved in, given the uncertainties of the scene. We remain excited for the prospectus for the upcoming Overwatch League, but are yet to understand the full scope of the opportunity as Blizzard have been cautious in their communication. As we receive more information and understand the opportunity to form our opinion on the future of the game, we will evaluate a re-entry to the title with time.

The list is growing with compLexity, SplyceRed Reserve, Team SoloMid, Denial Esports and WE. white having announced in the last few months that they will no longer support the game for the short term future until the game has grown to the prospects that Blizzard have claimed it would when announcing the prestigious Overwatch League. No confirmation has come as of yet for teams to be enticed to commit to the cause with entry fee rumours and lack of winnings return being a major concern.

Questions that need answers

Has Blizzard been too slow in capitalising in the initial interest of the game when it first came out in developing the eSports sector they have showed they want to develop?

Have they been too ambitious with the initial expectations with the Overwatch League expecting teams to risk loads of capital without the security of gaining anything from it?

Have the actions of current Overwatch professionals already tainted the reputation of the developing eSports scene for the game?

These are three questions that come to mind when it comes to Blizzard and their proposed Overwatch League, it seems that too little has been done too late and that they haven’t offered teams any security or benefits to building a team to compete in any Overwatch competitions when resources can be put to already established games.

What do you think, has Blizzard done enough or is it too much risk for no reward?


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