Syfy UK and Syfy Germany channels that specialise in science fiction and fantasy shows such as these greats Heroes and Knight Rider are to start broadcasting its first eSports tournament.

NBC sports groups whose parent company NBCUniversal is launching its first 2 v 2 international Rocket League tournament using FACEIT as its gaming platform, the tournament will be providing a prize pool of $100,000. Regional events will be available on these channels as well as globally via live streaming applications from August 5-6th and August 12-13th.

The grand finals in which 16 teams will compete for the grand prize will take place on August 26-27th.

It has been stated by the company that Rocket League is just the start to this eSports empire and that it could potentially grow to other games determining on its popularity and the response from the community.

GamersVoice View

Europe needs to up its game when it comes to promoting and providing a platform for the eSports community and this is a great opportunity which the European audience needs to take advantage of. Having more opportunities to compete for a substantial prize pool will encourage more games to get into the scene and with using Rocket League which has gained popularity within the community instead of one of the elite eSports titles gives unknowns more of a chance to compete and to also stop eSports getting stale with being stuck with the same games which are dominating the community at this moment of time.

What do you think of this news, do you think this will give Europe a great chance to build its community or do you think Rocket League isn’t mainstream enough to gain enough of an audience?


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