Quake back in eSports

Bethesda during their E3 2017 showcase announced they are reintroducing the world of Quake to the eSports which brought competitive gaming to be highlighted worldwide with notables players such as Fata1ity and ZeRo4 being the ambassadors of the game. the Quake World Championships will be kicking off in June and will end at this year’s QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas.

There are two ways to compete in this competition either:

  • Duel – Solo Players
  • Sacrifice – Teams

Each will fight for a share in the $1 million prize pool.

How to Join

These instructions are from Bethesda to join the world championships as follows:


Quake World Championships Tournament Structure

Please note that if you wish to qualify for the championship take into consideration that you will have to play on NA or EU servers so if you wish to compete outside of these zones you will face games with higher latency.

NA includes the Americans and Australia
EU includes Europe, Russia, and Asia


Quake World Championship Prize Breakdown




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